Saturday, February 1, 2014

Beauty: Hello 3D NailArt!

Gone are the days of the french-tips and pussy red nail polished. It's now time to pave way to fiercer and risque-er nails! Divas, let's all welcome the 3D NailArt.

The 3D NailArt long before it became a trend, although it had just recently made its wave in Hollywood. I remember seeing Lady Gaga's rhinestoned-nails in her first music video, "Just Dance". Some thought it was outrageous while some thought it was just pure genius. 

Lady Gaga in her music video. Photo courtesy of

Now, almost everyone in Hollywood are using it, especially in award ceremonies like The Grammy's.  I was really surprised the other day while I was watching The Grammy's when !E had a "Mani Cam", a red carpet camera where your nails can do walking. Cool, huh?

Photo from

Photo from

Anyway, the 3D NailArt trend is slowly making its wave in the Philippines (though I haven't seen any local celebrity sporting this one yet).

 Here are some totally out of this world 3D NailArt designs that I got from Yahoo!:

Want to renew your wedding vows? Do it the Hollywood-way by having your and your hubby's face on your nails like the Queen B, Beyonce.

P.S. Not child-friendly ^_^

Katy Perry's 3D Nail Design

Now this looks really awesome! 

Now, these designs look really tempting. But, looking at them makes me wonder how the hell can I wash my baby's clothes if I will wear them. 

I'll probably try this one out (again) once I've grown my nails a little bit. It will probably be a little challenging to have them but I am sure that it will be worth the hassle. Anyway, it's not easy to be beautiful. ^_^

How about you? Are you up for the 3D NailArt Challenge?