Friday, December 20, 2013

Got nominated for the Liebster Award! Wohoo!

  1. Today is a great day! 

A while ago, I was just busy minding my own business, logging into my account, saying hi to my (online) boss, and checking my blog. And guess what, I received a message in my tagboard left by Veron from Joy-to-the-World informing me that she nominated me for a Liebster award. 

Liebster huwat? WTH is that? So I went to the link that she left and found out all about the good ole' Liebster award.

Well, a Liebster Award is an award given by bloggers to fellow bloggers that they have discovered. It is a way of recognizing new and up-and-coming bloggers and welcoming them to the blogosphere.

Once nominated, all you have to do is to answer the 10 questions that was created by the one who nominated for you and inform him/her that you already answered them. After that, you should also nominate your fellow new bloggers. It's that simple, right?

So here are Veron's set of questions:

  1. What movie never fails to make you cry?
  2. - For me, The Notebook is a total tear-jerker. I still cry even if I already saw it more that 50 times.
  1. What is/was your favorite subject in school?
  2. - PR & Marketing 
  1. How did you meet your spouse / girlfriend / boyfriend?
  2. - I met him in High School
  1. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
  2. - Thailand
  1. Who are some people you’d like to meet someday?
  2. - Mario Maurer, Bill Gates, and Mitch Albom (International)
  3. - Cez Orena-Drilon, Randy David, and Ramon Bautista (Philippines)
  1. Who in your life has influenced you the most? How did they do it?
  2. - My high school teacher, Anabell Bedia. She always believed in my writing skills and has inspired me to take up Communications in College.
  1. If you could try out any job for a day, what would you like to try? 
  2. - I'd probably like to try being a baker and bake some lovely pastries.
  1. What’s the first thing you notice about people?
  2. - Their smell. I don't like people who smell bad.
  1. What’s the biggest turnoff in a man/woman?
  2. - Their smell. They have to smell good all the time
  1. How do you feel about public speaking?
  2. - I'm comfortable with it. ^_^
  1. Would you ever sky dive or bungee jump?
  2. - No! Hahahha
  1. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?
  2. - I'm a professional!
  1. Have you ever unplugged from the Internet for more than a week?
  2. - No! I can't do it! I'll probably go crazy. 
  1. What’s one mistake you keep repeating (and repeating)?
  2. - Eating lots of chocolate even if I already vowed myself to reduce my chocolate intake.
  1. Have you ever stolen anything?
  2. - Yes. Uh, puberty!

Okay, so I'm done answering Veron's questions.

Here are my questions for my nominees:

1. Who was the last person you hold hands with?2. Are you outgoing or shy?3. What kind of people are you attracted to?4. What does the most recent text that you sent say?5. What are your 5 favorite songs right now?6. What are you bad habits?7. Where would you like to travel?8. Favorite part of your daily routine?9. What part of your body are you most uncomfortable with?10. What do you do when you wake up?

And my nominees, are.....

Kate from I Flaunt
Susan from FyeahSusan
Valerie from Fashionciao

Monday, December 16, 2013


For three years, I’ve always been a “social” kind of person, preferring to establish a career that requires me to put my greatest asset into good use: “communicating”. I was the kind of person who would rather go out in the field than sit in front of the computer the whole day.  However, motherhood had changed my life and lifestyle more than I had expected and my preferences had also changed. Gone are the days of partying and dining with clients and going home late at night. So when I had the opportunity to change my career a year ago, I opted to go for something that will let me literally work closer to home, if not at home.

I’ve found my first online employer at It was a reputable real estate company in Australia and they are focused on promoting and selling houses of their affiliates. But even if they say that they are a reputable company, I have no other means of knowing if this is true or if they are legit. Working online has posted itself as a risk for me at first since it doesn’t have stability and credibility that the corporate world can give you. There are a lot of scammers that exists online. This real estate company could be a scammer but I just had a great feeling with it that I was willing to risk my stable job.  So with a great deal of courage and faith, I started working online.  And guess what, I didn’t regret it at all.

My first client was an Australian real estate company. My role in the company was a Marketing/Admin Suppor. I was in-charge of creating logos, creating brochures and other marketing collaterals, and other media kits for their new clients/affiliates. I was also in-charge of creating and sending webinar invitations and monthly newsletters. I learned a lot from them. They were the ones who encouraged me to learn about web designing with the help of Adobe Dreamweaver and learn more about social media management using Hootsuite.  It was indeed a great first online experience and I am very thankful for it.  Unfortunately, their company shut down and we had to part ways.

I also have an experience in contact generation and internet research for another client. My main role in this company was to profile companies and search for their IT contacts with the help of their corporate websites and Linkedin. I also have to provide the right email addresses and contact numbers, if applicable, of the IT contacts. We were given a target of ten companies per day with seven IT contacts each. Sometimes, guessing a contact’s email address can be tricky and frustrating but it was definitely a great online experience. Unfortunately, there was a problem with my client’s customers that he had to shut down our production.

One of my clients that I am still working for now is an online reputation and social media management company. I have used the skills that I had acquired while working for my first client in this job. The job requires me to schedule tweets and Facebook posts for their clients. I also do their monthly advertisements and post it in sites such as,,, and the like.  I also do their social bookmarking once a month in sites such as pinterest, stumbleupon, reddit, and delicious.  This is just a part-time job though and just requires me to work for 1-2 hours per day.

Working online has opened me up to a whole new world of possibilities. It had helped me acquire new skills and develop my so-so IT knowledge. I’ve learned how to use Adobe Dreamweaver, Hootsuite, Google Docs, and Camtasia among others.

Working online has also given me the opportunity to earn a decent living without having to sacrifice the time I spend with my son and my family and work at the comforts of my own home.  With its flexible working hours, it allows me to manage my time more efficiently. 

Although there is the so-called instability of working online, the online lifestyle is working for me. I can therefore say that I, Supah_Diva, has been virtual-lified. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shopping with the Boyfriend

I can say that I have the best boyfriend in the whole world!

Why did I just say that? Well, he does not complain when I ask him to come with me when I indulge in countless hours of total shopping. I'm such such a lucky, lucky girl!

But, last Saturday, it was my turn to be the ever-supportive girlfriend and help him shop for his outfit for their company Christmas party, which happen to be on the same day. Pressure!

Their Christmas Party theme as Street Fashion. So, before going to the mall, we did some research on Google just to have a clear idea of what Street Fashion looks like.

My boyfriend is a little (not that little) picky with his outfit.

1.) He doesn't want to look gay-ish.

Photo is not mine.
Photo is not mine.
Photo is not mine.

2.) He's not keen on wearing a lot of layers because he sweats really easily and the venue of their party is not air-conditioned.

Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

3.) He wants to buy something that he can wear again in his everyday life. So these things are definitely out: 
Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

There you go! Those are his conditions. Hahaha.. And now, it is time to shop! That couldn't be so hard, right?

WRONG! Shopping for someone other than yourself is really, really hard. I thought it would be a walk in park but it was not.

We've been to 3 shopping malls that day, looking for outfits that would fit his personality and his preferences.

We opted to look for a denim jacket that we plan to cut the sleeves so that he would have that macho rugged look or something like that. We were aiming for one of these looks since we think that not a lot of people will be wearing denim since what's really in fashion nowadays are the university jackets and bowties/neckties.

Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

And since this look is not really "uso" nowadays, we really had a hard time finding for something that looks similar to these looks.

So we tried to utilize what was available in the stores. He tried on some long sleeves shirts and some green-colored and yellowbrown-colored jeans. 

Two different shades of the same shirt Hahahha

Me, patiently waiting outside of the dressing room.

 But, it didn't seem to work. So we searched again and again and again.

Good thing, I remembered that he owns something that looks like a denim jacket but is colored brown. So we decided that he's just going to wear that and just buy some pants and shoes that would complement that top.

One part of the outfit = DONE!

Then, we went to the nearby mall and started to rummage the specialty shops that they have there. We already picked the perfect pants for him in one of the shops and decided just to go back if we can't find anything else.

So we proceeded in buying his shoes, sneakers instead of boots, that can still wear after the party. My boyfriend is really particular with choosing the perfect shoes because he loves walking, and his job requires him to actually walk a lot.

Shoes = DONE!

While he was lining up to pay for his shoes, I went to the accessories section and searched for a dog tag.

Wearing a dog tog with any outfit, whether you are a male or female, will give you an edgy look. I actually also love wearing dog tags when I want to look punky and edgy.


So, we went back to the specialty shop and found out that the jeans does not look good on him. It's those super skinny kind of jeans that only looks good on some ladies.


Geez... We were back at square one!

Boyfie probably saw how tried I was already so he decided that he's just going to buy the jeans that we saw at the other mall. By this time, it was almost 6PM and their party will start at 6PM. Wow! Talk about procrastination. Hhahahah

So we walked to the other mall (Yes, walked since it was already traffic time) and bought the jeans.

The sales representative even asked me, "Ma'am, wala pa japon mo nakapalit? (Ma'am, you still weren't able to buy jeans?)". I just smiled at him and laughed to myself.


Finally, we were headed home. ^_^ I was really tired and my feet and legs were already shaking but I dared not to complain. I don't want him to think that I don't like spending time with him. 

 And guess, what the effort was all worth it and he held my hand, look into my eyes, and said "Thank you, be. I love you so much."

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sweet Rush

Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Blugre, Caffe Firenzo, and the whole lot of coffee shops that have been opening in almost every corner. In a city as small as General Santos, a coffee shop lover like me surely has the advantage of visiting most, if not all, cafes in town. But, I'm not IN for the coffee itself. 

Photo is not mine
So, why am I hanging around at coffee shops?

Well, let's just say that I have a not-so-secret love affair with sweets. Moist cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, doughnuts, cinnamon rolls and other rolls ^_^ , muffins, pralines, chocolates (except dark), name it! I totally dig it!

Photo is not mine.

So far, the best cake that I had ever tasted was from Secret Recipe in Singapore. We went to SG for a vacation back in 2007 and it happened to be my nephew's birthday during that time then we ended up buying a Secret Recipe cake in Malaysia. I forgot the flavor of the cake but it melts in your mouth like no other cake. It's a cake that's like no other! Booom! 
Here's the link to their website Secret Recipe

Do you have a sweet tooth like me? Then, share to me some of your fave sweet pastries! 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cebu Day 2 Sneak Peek

I've so wanted to write the sequel of our Cebu vacay for the past couple of days. But with the deadlines and my upcoming events, I've been really, really busy. So, just to get the ball rolling, I've compiled some pictures that will mostly some up our second day itinerary.

I gotta go back to woooorrrrkiiing... ^_^ Ciao! 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Twilight Biatch

Photo is not mine. Credit is given to the owner.

While I was working a while ago, I turned on my music player and listened to my favorite tracks. It helps me relax more and feel the stress less, making me enjoy my work no matter how boring or routine-ary it may be.

Then, the song of Christina Perry entitled "A Thousand Years" played. I was left dumbstruck. Why? Well, I suddenly had the urge to watch the Twilight Series again, read all the books again, and wish that its really not over yet (books only since I've never been a fan of the RobPatz and K-Stew loveteam).

I always associated "A Thousand Years" with the Twilight Series. No matter how much I hate Rob Patz, K-Stew and their acting, I've never really stopped myself from watching the movies. Right now, I felt that I wanted to go back to college and experience the Twilight Frenzy all over again.


Back in College, me and my friends (actually, almost the whole AB-MC class) was caught with the Twilight Fever. I remember, me and Ahleen would often search the web and just look for the soft copies of the Twilight series and would often end up reading one book for just two-three days, reading mostly at night. I even remember passing up on some dinners, gimmiks, and night-outs with friends just to go home, open up a bag of chips and just read my soft copy of New Moon and Eclipse on my laptop.

Even during our retreat, I still can't stop reading Breaking Dawn that I ended up borrowing either Jebo's or Edel's laptop. I forgot who was the owner but I'm sure that it was either one of them.

I remember that I've saved a lot of Twilight fan art with people's bet on who's going to be the lucky guy to play the part of the mesmerizing Edward Cullen. Then just to be disappointed with the producers' or K-Stew's choice, Rob Patz... Jeeezzz.. They really could have done better.

But, none the less, I still went crazy with all the trailers and other videos that came out before the actual showing of "Twilight" in theaters.

I also remember waiting in line at NCCC Mall Cinema just to watch the movie with practically the entire class. It was fun and I've miss those days that I had been obsessed with "Twilight". I think, a girl will really go through a phase of fan-girling. I'm just glad that I did it with a bunch of the best fangirls/boys in town. Hahahahah.. I love you, friends!

Fast forward a couple of years and I was already working...

I though the Twilight bug has already left me with me being sooooo busy with work when I was just starting out in the corporate world. I remember watching the second movie, New Moon, with Edz and my other colleagues from KCC Mall. But, I was not even aware that Eclipse was already shown. As in, I might have been really busy with the opening of SunCity Suites that time. Anyway, thanks to HBO and Star Movies that I was able to watch it.

Then came the fourth movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1. Again, I was not able to watch it. I can't remember why but what I remember is me watching it on Star Movies too. The Twilight bug had really left. :(

Fast forward again to the showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

At first, I was hesitant to watch it in theaters. But, since Ronnell was already around to accompany me, I just went ahead for old times' sake.

I enjoyed the movie even if, having read the book, I already knew what's going to happen. Also, I am the kind of person who ENJOYS SPOILERS. Hahhaha.. I wouldn't watch a movie unless I know some details about it.

At the end of Breaking Dawn Part 2, I was already crying. Before the credits roll, it has a montage of all the characters that they had from Twilight to Breaking Dawn Part 2. I just felt sad that it was really over. I felt the same way I did when Harry Potter Series ended. Unlike Harry Potter, the Twilight series didn't include half of my childhood but I've always associated my Twilight fangirling days with some fun memories with my friends.

Photo is not mine. Credit is given to the owner.

For me, Twilight was more than a movie or a book. It was a medium for me and my friends to have some of the most fun and interesting experiences of our lives. This makes me a Twilight Biatch forever...

OA ba? Hahhahaha

Back to work guys!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 1, Cebu City : Magellan's Cross, Plaza Independencia, Crown Regency

I was able to avail a seat sale of Cebu Pacific last February and I immediately took that chance to book a trip to Cebu. Of course, I can't leave my baby love behind so I book a ticket for my lablab and baby love too. So, for only Php 2,700, we already got round trip tickets good for 3. 

My cousin Roxanne and sister Veronica also heard about this and they can't help but tag along. ^_^ So, they bought round trip tickets for only Php 890.00 each.

After 6 months, August 9 finally came. All of us were so excited for the trip.

We weren't able to take pictures while we were in the airport in Gensan so we really had some major cam-whoring when we step down from the plane in Cebu. As in, MAAAAJJJOOOR cam-whoring.

An ad located at the Arrival area of Mactan International Airport
Mactan International Airport
Since the camera that we used here is not ours, we don't know how to use it.  Sorry for the out-of-focused shots.

Mactan International Airport

Mactan International Airport
There was a looong waiting line for you to get a cab. At least, it's good to see that people can get really civilized and rule-abiding. Nasa rule implementation lang siguro talaga yan.

After almost twenty minutes, it was finally our turn to ride a cab.

The cab ride from the airport to our hotel was 30 minutes long but I didn't really noticed it since I was busy looking at my new surroundings. (For the record, it was not my first time in Cebu. ^_^ But, during my first trip, I was locked up in Imperial Palace Hotel and Resort for the Converse Trade Show.)

For this trip, we decided to stay at Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia. The hotel was super affordable! We paid for a Family Room that was good for 4 for only Php 1,398.00 without breakfast. (We split the room rate by 4 and we ended up paying Php 350/head/night). It is conveniently located at the heart of the city and is very near (like 100 steps away) from the Magellan's Cross and Sto. Nino Basilica. It also has a McDonalds 24hr store right in front of it, a nearby 7/11 (hello slurpee!), and three mini supermarkets surrounding it. 

Photo is not mine. Credit is given to owner.
When we arrived at the hotel, we torn it apart immediately so I didn't bother posting pics 'cause its embarrassing. 

After taking a little rest, we went on with our DIY tour.

First stop, the Magellan's Cross...

(R)Here I am getting a shot at the Magellan's Cross. (L) Bebe and me in an out-of-focused shot by Roxanne.

My pretty sister, Veronica
My sister mentioned that the original cross of Magellan was inside the wooden cross casing. This was made to preserve the original cross from eroding. I was not sure of this fact (nor was she) so I googled about it and according to Wikipedia, this is true.

To tell you the truth, I was not really amazed by the Magellan's Cross. Wala lang. It was just ordinary. But, if you happen to be in the area while you are in Cebu, you might as well get your picture taken here for what its worth.

The Magellan's Cross is also located in the Plaza Sugbu and in front of the City Hall.

My baby love, Jacob, enjoying the park.

Ronnell, my bebe, and his adopted kids as his backdraft (haha)
We then proceeded to the Sto. Nino Basilica but the mass was on-going and there was really a lot of people so we just decided to come back the next day.

Since the Plaza Independencia is just walking distance from the Magellan's Cross, we went there as our next stop.



Plaza Independencia is said to be one of the last remains of the Spanish colony in Cebu. The park has a wide space for walking, jogging, playing, and cam-whoring. ^_^

My baby really enjoyed running around the park and even joined some of the students who were practicing their dance routines.

Just in front of the Plaza Independencia is that Malacang of the South. 

Malacanang of the South

 It is said that the Malacanang of the South by built during the time of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.  Today, I think they are using this as an office for the customs.

It was already getting dark when we left Plaza Independencia and walked back to the Hotel. We first did some groceries at the Lucky Seven Supermart and both drinks, some snacks and cup noodles.

When we arrived at the hotel, we rested for a while (well, it was a long walk) and freshened up for our dinner with one of my friends who migrated to Cebu last year, Precious.

Before 6:30 PM, Pre called and we decided to meet up at Zubuchon Escario Branch. Well, I really want to try eating the lechon here because I read in this blog that it is really a must-try. 

And so we did...

Here's their lovely table display right in front of the entrance.

Roxanne, my cousin, checking out their menu.

Jacob checking out the menu himself.

Add caption



While Jacob was doing this, there was a couple of American ladies looking at him, fascinated by his cuteness.

Our food was finally served. We are starving! 

Photo from Roxanne
After a couple of minutes, Precious arrived. We can now finally eat! Ooopps, I was wrong! Pictorial pala muna.

Me with my friend, Precious

Jacob was already hungry (and angry). Hahaha


We ordered 1/2 Kilo Lechon, Lechon Sisig, Sotanghon, and Seaweed Platter. Their food was really great especially the super crispy lechon skin and their Sotanghon. Until now, I can't still get over the yummy taste of that Sotanghon. I've always been fond of Sisig but I've tasted better ones. Also, Precious cut her gums because of the bone in the Sisig. She almost bleeded to death. Kidding, it was not that serious.

After that sumptuous meal, we decided to go for a Sky Adventure.


I've always wanted to try out this activity. But, when I already got to the Sky Lounge, I got really scared as hell. It was also discouraging because both Roxanne and Veron became scardey-cats too. Unfortunately(good thing for me), we need to wait for 2 hours before we can be served. So, we decided to skip this activity and just call it a lot.

But before that, we had our pictures taken muna.

We hailed a cab and had a quiet ride home. Me being quiet because I can still feel my stomach turning from the fright that I got. I never thought that I was scared of heights.

When we arrived at the hotel, both of my boys were already snoring. I climbed up to bed to kiss both of them. Hmmm... My cute booys..

So, we ended the night with some Fundaes from 7/11. So far, it has been fuunnn..