Thursday, December 12, 2013

Shopping with the Boyfriend

I can say that I have the best boyfriend in the whole world!

Why did I just say that? Well, he does not complain when I ask him to come with me when I indulge in countless hours of total shopping. I'm such such a lucky, lucky girl!

But, last Saturday, it was my turn to be the ever-supportive girlfriend and help him shop for his outfit for their company Christmas party, which happen to be on the same day. Pressure!

Their Christmas Party theme as Street Fashion. So, before going to the mall, we did some research on Google just to have a clear idea of what Street Fashion looks like.

My boyfriend is a little (not that little) picky with his outfit.

1.) He doesn't want to look gay-ish.

Photo is not mine.
Photo is not mine.
Photo is not mine.

2.) He's not keen on wearing a lot of layers because he sweats really easily and the venue of their party is not air-conditioned.

Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

3.) He wants to buy something that he can wear again in his everyday life. So these things are definitely out: 
Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

There you go! Those are his conditions. Hahaha.. And now, it is time to shop! That couldn't be so hard, right?

WRONG! Shopping for someone other than yourself is really, really hard. I thought it would be a walk in park but it was not.

We've been to 3 shopping malls that day, looking for outfits that would fit his personality and his preferences.

We opted to look for a denim jacket that we plan to cut the sleeves so that he would have that macho rugged look or something like that. We were aiming for one of these looks since we think that not a lot of people will be wearing denim since what's really in fashion nowadays are the university jackets and bowties/neckties.

Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

Photo is not mine.

And since this look is not really "uso" nowadays, we really had a hard time finding for something that looks similar to these looks.

So we tried to utilize what was available in the stores. He tried on some long sleeves shirts and some green-colored and yellowbrown-colored jeans. 

Two different shades of the same shirt Hahahha

Me, patiently waiting outside of the dressing room.

 But, it didn't seem to work. So we searched again and again and again.

Good thing, I remembered that he owns something that looks like a denim jacket but is colored brown. So we decided that he's just going to wear that and just buy some pants and shoes that would complement that top.

One part of the outfit = DONE!

Then, we went to the nearby mall and started to rummage the specialty shops that they have there. We already picked the perfect pants for him in one of the shops and decided just to go back if we can't find anything else.

So we proceeded in buying his shoes, sneakers instead of boots, that can still wear after the party. My boyfriend is really particular with choosing the perfect shoes because he loves walking, and his job requires him to actually walk a lot.

Shoes = DONE!

While he was lining up to pay for his shoes, I went to the accessories section and searched for a dog tag.

Wearing a dog tog with any outfit, whether you are a male or female, will give you an edgy look. I actually also love wearing dog tags when I want to look punky and edgy.


So, we went back to the specialty shop and found out that the jeans does not look good on him. It's those super skinny kind of jeans that only looks good on some ladies.


Geez... We were back at square one!

Boyfie probably saw how tried I was already so he decided that he's just going to buy the jeans that we saw at the other mall. By this time, it was almost 6PM and their party will start at 6PM. Wow! Talk about procrastination. Hhahahah

So we walked to the other mall (Yes, walked since it was already traffic time) and bought the jeans.

The sales representative even asked me, "Ma'am, wala pa japon mo nakapalit? (Ma'am, you still weren't able to buy jeans?)". I just smiled at him and laughed to myself.


Finally, we were headed home. ^_^ I was really tired and my feet and legs were already shaking but I dared not to complain. I don't want him to think that I don't like spending time with him. 

 And guess, what the effort was all worth it and he held my hand, look into my eyes, and said "Thank you, be. I love you so much."


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