Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 1, Cebu City : Magellan's Cross, Plaza Independencia, Crown Regency

I was able to avail a seat sale of Cebu Pacific last February and I immediately took that chance to book a trip to Cebu. Of course, I can't leave my baby love behind so I book a ticket for my lablab and baby love too. So, for only Php 2,700, we already got round trip tickets good for 3. 

My cousin Roxanne and sister Veronica also heard about this and they can't help but tag along. ^_^ So, they bought round trip tickets for only Php 890.00 each.

After 6 months, August 9 finally came. All of us were so excited for the trip.

We weren't able to take pictures while we were in the airport in Gensan so we really had some major cam-whoring when we step down from the plane in Cebu. As in, MAAAAJJJOOOR cam-whoring.

An ad located at the Arrival area of Mactan International Airport
Mactan International Airport
Since the camera that we used here is not ours, we don't know how to use it.  Sorry for the out-of-focused shots.

Mactan International Airport

Mactan International Airport
There was a looong waiting line for you to get a cab. At least, it's good to see that people can get really civilized and rule-abiding. Nasa rule implementation lang siguro talaga yan.

After almost twenty minutes, it was finally our turn to ride a cab.

The cab ride from the airport to our hotel was 30 minutes long but I didn't really noticed it since I was busy looking at my new surroundings. (For the record, it was not my first time in Cebu. ^_^ But, during my first trip, I was locked up in Imperial Palace Hotel and Resort for the Converse Trade Show.)

For this trip, we decided to stay at Sampaguita Suites Plaza Garcia. The hotel was super affordable! We paid for a Family Room that was good for 4 for only Php 1,398.00 without breakfast. (We split the room rate by 4 and we ended up paying Php 350/head/night). It is conveniently located at the heart of the city and is very near (like 100 steps away) from the Magellan's Cross and Sto. Nino Basilica. It also has a McDonalds 24hr store right in front of it, a nearby 7/11 (hello slurpee!), and three mini supermarkets surrounding it. 

Photo is not mine. Credit is given to owner.
When we arrived at the hotel, we torn it apart immediately so I didn't bother posting pics 'cause its embarrassing. 

After taking a little rest, we went on with our DIY tour.

First stop, the Magellan's Cross...

(R)Here I am getting a shot at the Magellan's Cross. (L) Bebe and me in an out-of-focused shot by Roxanne.

My pretty sister, Veronica
My sister mentioned that the original cross of Magellan was inside the wooden cross casing. This was made to preserve the original cross from eroding. I was not sure of this fact (nor was she) so I googled about it and according to Wikipedia, this is true.

To tell you the truth, I was not really amazed by the Magellan's Cross. Wala lang. It was just ordinary. But, if you happen to be in the area while you are in Cebu, you might as well get your picture taken here for what its worth.

The Magellan's Cross is also located in the Plaza Sugbu and in front of the City Hall.

My baby love, Jacob, enjoying the park.

Ronnell, my bebe, and his adopted kids as his backdraft (haha)
We then proceeded to the Sto. Nino Basilica but the mass was on-going and there was really a lot of people so we just decided to come back the next day.

Since the Plaza Independencia is just walking distance from the Magellan's Cross, we went there as our next stop.



Plaza Independencia is said to be one of the last remains of the Spanish colony in Cebu. The park has a wide space for walking, jogging, playing, and cam-whoring. ^_^

My baby really enjoyed running around the park and even joined some of the students who were practicing their dance routines.

Just in front of the Plaza Independencia is that Malacang of the South. 

Malacanang of the South

 It is said that the Malacanang of the South by built during the time of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.  Today, I think they are using this as an office for the customs.

It was already getting dark when we left Plaza Independencia and walked back to the Hotel. We first did some groceries at the Lucky Seven Supermart and both drinks, some snacks and cup noodles.

When we arrived at the hotel, we rested for a while (well, it was a long walk) and freshened up for our dinner with one of my friends who migrated to Cebu last year, Precious.

Before 6:30 PM, Pre called and we decided to meet up at Zubuchon Escario Branch. Well, I really want to try eating the lechon here because I read in this blog that it is really a must-try. 

And so we did...

Here's their lovely table display right in front of the entrance.

Roxanne, my cousin, checking out their menu.

Jacob checking out the menu himself.

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While Jacob was doing this, there was a couple of American ladies looking at him, fascinated by his cuteness.

Our food was finally served. We are starving! 

Photo from Roxanne
After a couple of minutes, Precious arrived. We can now finally eat! Ooopps, I was wrong! Pictorial pala muna.

Me with my friend, Precious

Jacob was already hungry (and angry). Hahaha


We ordered 1/2 Kilo Lechon, Lechon Sisig, Sotanghon, and Seaweed Platter. Their food was really great especially the super crispy lechon skin and their Sotanghon. Until now, I can't still get over the yummy taste of that Sotanghon. I've always been fond of Sisig but I've tasted better ones. Also, Precious cut her gums because of the bone in the Sisig. She almost bleeded to death. Kidding, it was not that serious.

After that sumptuous meal, we decided to go for a Sky Adventure.


I've always wanted to try out this activity. But, when I already got to the Sky Lounge, I got really scared as hell. It was also discouraging because both Roxanne and Veron became scardey-cats too. Unfortunately(good thing for me), we need to wait for 2 hours before we can be served. So, we decided to skip this activity and just call it a lot.

But before that, we had our pictures taken muna.

We hailed a cab and had a quiet ride home. Me being quiet because I can still feel my stomach turning from the fright that I got. I never thought that I was scared of heights.

When we arrived at the hotel, both of my boys were already snoring. I climbed up to bed to kiss both of them. Hmmm... My cute booys..

So, we ended the night with some Fundaes from 7/11. So far, it has been fuunnn..


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