Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Twilight Biatch

Photo is not mine. Credit is given to the owner.

While I was working a while ago, I turned on my music player and listened to my favorite tracks. It helps me relax more and feel the stress less, making me enjoy my work no matter how boring or routine-ary it may be.

Then, the song of Christina Perry entitled "A Thousand Years" played. I was left dumbstruck. Why? Well, I suddenly had the urge to watch the Twilight Series again, read all the books again, and wish that its really not over yet (books only since I've never been a fan of the RobPatz and K-Stew loveteam).

I always associated "A Thousand Years" with the Twilight Series. No matter how much I hate Rob Patz, K-Stew and their acting, I've never really stopped myself from watching the movies. Right now, I felt that I wanted to go back to college and experience the Twilight Frenzy all over again.


Back in College, me and my friends (actually, almost the whole AB-MC class) was caught with the Twilight Fever. I remember, me and Ahleen would often search the web and just look for the soft copies of the Twilight series and would often end up reading one book for just two-three days, reading mostly at night. I even remember passing up on some dinners, gimmiks, and night-outs with friends just to go home, open up a bag of chips and just read my soft copy of New Moon and Eclipse on my laptop.

Even during our retreat, I still can't stop reading Breaking Dawn that I ended up borrowing either Jebo's or Edel's laptop. I forgot who was the owner but I'm sure that it was either one of them.

I remember that I've saved a lot of Twilight fan art with people's bet on who's going to be the lucky guy to play the part of the mesmerizing Edward Cullen. Then just to be disappointed with the producers' or K-Stew's choice, Rob Patz... Jeeezzz.. They really could have done better.

But, none the less, I still went crazy with all the trailers and other videos that came out before the actual showing of "Twilight" in theaters.

I also remember waiting in line at NCCC Mall Cinema just to watch the movie with practically the entire class. It was fun and I've miss those days that I had been obsessed with "Twilight". I think, a girl will really go through a phase of fan-girling. I'm just glad that I did it with a bunch of the best fangirls/boys in town. Hahahahah.. I love you, friends!

Fast forward a couple of years and I was already working...

I though the Twilight bug has already left me with me being sooooo busy with work when I was just starting out in the corporate world. I remember watching the second movie, New Moon, with Edz and my other colleagues from KCC Mall. But, I was not even aware that Eclipse was already shown. As in, I might have been really busy with the opening of SunCity Suites that time. Anyway, thanks to HBO and Star Movies that I was able to watch it.

Then came the fourth movie, Breaking Dawn Part 1. Again, I was not able to watch it. I can't remember why but what I remember is me watching it on Star Movies too. The Twilight bug had really left. :(

Fast forward again to the showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2.

At first, I was hesitant to watch it in theaters. But, since Ronnell was already around to accompany me, I just went ahead for old times' sake.

I enjoyed the movie even if, having read the book, I already knew what's going to happen. Also, I am the kind of person who ENJOYS SPOILERS. Hahhaha.. I wouldn't watch a movie unless I know some details about it.

At the end of Breaking Dawn Part 2, I was already crying. Before the credits roll, it has a montage of all the characters that they had from Twilight to Breaking Dawn Part 2. I just felt sad that it was really over. I felt the same way I did when Harry Potter Series ended. Unlike Harry Potter, the Twilight series didn't include half of my childhood but I've always associated my Twilight fangirling days with some fun memories with my friends.

Photo is not mine. Credit is given to the owner.

For me, Twilight was more than a movie or a book. It was a medium for me and my friends to have some of the most fun and interesting experiences of our lives. This makes me a Twilight Biatch forever...

OA ba? Hahhahaha

Back to work guys!


  1. i enjoyed the books.. but not the movies :)

    1. Same here. Really disappointed with Robert Pattinson being casted as Edward. Tsktsk.. Still can't get over it until now.