Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dining at Mooon Cafe, Veranza Mall

I'm a (in denial) food lover! I love going on a food trip every now and then, may it be in a classy resto or the very popular "isaw" (chicken intestine) that can be found in every corner here in General Santos. So, whenever there's a new store in town, I am making sure that I try it out (para di mahuli sa balita ^_^).

Please note that this is a super delayed post. ^_^ kasi I was so busy trying out blogs and can't decide which blogsite I am going to use.  Anyway, here it goes:

Last July 18, boyfie and me went to Veranza Mall, a newly opened mall in Gensan, so that we can have our monthsary dinner in one of the new restos there.  We went around the are for a couple of minutes (since the Mall has a lot of new restos to choose from) and decided to eat at Hukad.  But, since we have to wait in line just to dine at Hukad and boyfie is already extremely hungry,we just opted to eat at our second choice, Mooon Cafe.

Mooon Cafe is a Mexican-inspired restaurant which has its roots from Cebu City. Their menu includes a wide variety of Mexican dishes ranging from their best selling Baby Back Ribs to my favorite quesadillas.

And because it embarrasses me to take pictures in public (baka sabihin pang social climber ako na lamang ang pics sa FB), I tried to take snapshots of our food, etc but was not able to take a shot of the place. So sad. It was beautiful pa naman sana.

Anyway, I've ordered one of their best sellers, the MoonSteak, and boyfie ordered Chicken Mozarella Melt. And of course, my Mexican dining won't be complete without ordering my all-time fave quesadillas. Everytime I'm in a resto where they are serving quesadillas, I really make sure that I order it. That is if it was priced resonably.

So, here's our food:

Chicken Mozarella Melt Php 169

Chicken Mozarella Melt Php 169

Boyfie was not really impressed with this dish. I also find it a little blant. But since I'm a sucker for cheese, I kinda liked it. Just make sure to put some tabasco and pepper to season the chicken.

Quesadilla Uno Php 120
This is really good! I really recommend this. I am actually craving for this right now. Grrr.. I just can't get enough of this. It has 6 slices and I ended eating 4 and 1/2 of it. My boyfie loves me that much to sacrifice his share of this awesome quesadilla. There are actually more quesadilla options but I just chose this because this is the most affordable one. ^_^

Mooonsteak Php 180
This one tastes okay for me but boyfie really likes it. Just like any other steak, they are serving it in a sizzling plate. It comes with too little vegetable, gravy, and option for plain or fried rice. I chose fried rice.

Full Meal
We partnered our meal with their Summer Cooler. It was actually refreshing with the fruit bits that they have mixed in it. The pitcher that we ordered was good for three and priced at Php 129. We didn't even finished the pitcher since we were already full.  If boyfie has to describe, it is like Tang Orange juice mixed with fruits. Hahahah.. Naughty boyfie.

Here are some other cute details that I find amusing: 

They have these details in their menu. 

It's all about the presentations. Oh diba.

I'm loving their ceiling fans. Talk about adding accents.

My soon to be hubby..

We don't have a picture together. Too bad. Maybe next time. 

Maybe next time, I'll also try out their Baby Back Ribs. 


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